One Crisis at a Time - January was just another year. A year closer to the election. A year farther from the end of graduation and all the promise that entailed. A year closer to midlife. In February I turned forty. All that I could think… Continue Reading
John Cleese in drag Rowling and Cleese and the Curse of Not Knowing - Disclaimer: The scope of this essay is broad and does not attempt to untangle all claims forwarded by Rowling or Cleese about transgender identity or experience. Recently, beloved comic John Cleese bravely posed the question that a lot of people… Continue Reading
Launch America panel Where No One has Gone Before: A Meditation on the Stunted Human Race - Lauren Lyons (right), a SpaceX Mission Integration Engineer, and NASA crew members commentate While riots raged in Minnesota and across the nation over the wrongful death of George Floyd and Michigan police fired on civilians in their own homes and… Continue Reading
queasy quarantine Queasy Quarantine - Alternately titled, "How it feels to be living with older relatives in the era of Corona." My parents are retired, so I've recently been feeling like the only point of weakness in our quarantine. This ~2 week incubation period is… Continue Reading
"I'm significant!" screamed the dust speck. The Gods are Laughing - I've seen this quote attributed to everyone from Edmund Burke to Albert Einstein, but have yet to uncover a reputable source. According to Good Reads, Edmund was supposed to have said this in his "Preface to Brissot's Address to His… Continue Reading
Relationships are like Shoes - Relationships are like shoes. The chances that you are going to walk into the nearest shoe store and discover perfection in the first pair you approach are highly improbable.  Even supposing you did, how would you know?  Suppose they are… Continue Reading