News Media Hulk - You can't be angry all the time. But sometimes you have to be. Continue Reading
It’s 2020. Why are we still here? - Portrait of Martin Luther King Jr. with color palette of skin tones. Continue Reading
Orwellian Trump More than a little Orwellian - "On June 1, 2020, amid the George Floyd protests in Washington, D.C., law enforcement officers used tear gas and other riot control tactics to forcefully clear peaceful protesters from Lafayette Square..." — Wikipedia Continue Reading
Queasy Quarantine - Alternately titled, "How it feels to live with high-risk individuals during a pandemic." My parents are retired and I work in a busy public venue, so I've recently been feeling like the only point of weakness in our quarantine. Continue Reading
"I'm significant!" screamed the dust speck. The Gods are Laughing - I've seen this quote attributed to everyone from Edmund Burke to Albert Einstein, but have yet to uncover a reputable source. According to Good Reads, Edmund was supposed to have said this in his "Preface to Brissot's Address to His… Continue Reading